Terry Knight

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Fernando Morgado, James Skean, Scott Ford

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Department of Biology

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Western Kentucky University


Adult BALB/c mice were immunized with C57BL/6 spleen cells first on day 0 and again on day 8 of the experimental procedure. Serum was collected from these animals on day 0 (before the first immunization), day 4, day 8 (before the second immunization), day 12, and day 16. Two groups of normal BALB/c bone marrow cell suspensions were incubated with the experimental immune sera: and one of the groups of cell suspensions was subsequently incubated with bacterial lipopolysaccharide. Following the incubation steps, both groups of cell preparations were assayed for their ability to absorb the activity of the anti-Thy-1.2 serum.

Subsequent testing of the residual anti-thymocyte cytotoxic activity of the absorbed anti-Thy-1.2 sera revealed that the bone narrow cells incubated with day 4 and day 8 immune sera exhibit an increased capacity to absorb the antiserum compared to control bone narrows. These observations offer positive evidence for the existence of a feedback mechanism in animals undergoing foreign tissues graft rejection; the proposed mechanism apparently provides a circulating, non cellular substance which is capable of inducing bone marrow T-cell differentiation.


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