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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Subastinio Fisicaro, Doris Redfield, Brian Enright

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The relationship between teacher ratings of kindergarten students and scores on the Brigance K&1 Screen was examined in order to obtain a measure of construct validity for the Brigance. A Kentucky sample and California sample were included in the study. Data was analyzed separately for each sample for purposes of regional comparison. Teacher’s ratings of students’ overall ability and ability across five skill dimensions (expressive language, receptive language, personal information, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills) were compared via a linear regression analysis. The results indicated that overall ratings of students by teachers are significant and reliable combinations of ratings on the five dimensions of educational/developmental skills for both samples. A second linear regression analysis compared Brigance total scores with ratings on the individual skills. The results were significant for both samples but revealed some regional differences. A third linear regression analysis involved a comparison of overall ratings with Brigance total scores. The Brigance scores were significantly related to overall ratings in both samples, and the relationship may be described as positive.


Child Psychology | Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Elementary Education and Teaching | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences