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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

William Leonard, D.W. Combs, Jackson Kesler


The original department was Communication & Theatre.

Degree Program

Department of Communication

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Master of Arts


The procedures taken in designing and constructing the costumes for Western Kentucky University’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was presented on November 13-19, 1979, were examined in retrospect to (1) the approach (2) the process and construction and (3) the evaluation. In establishing an approach for the production, considerations presented were title implications, thematic concept, historical periods, character sources, and the director’s notes. Solutions arrived at comprised a style suggestion, design/plot emphasis, color organization, texture contrasts, and line direction. In developing the design process and construction procedures, steps outlined were the preparations prior to designing, the organization prior to construction, the construction period, the dress parades and dress rehearsals. In strengthening the project as a learning experience an evaluation was determined that the costume design for the production was a success in that careful analysis was drawn from the script, communication was constant between designers and director, conscious control was exerted over the design elements, organizational procedure was taken to insure efficiency and the construction work was completed on time. Although deliberation was heeded, weaknesses were found in several individual designs and some color organizations. Still, the design as a whole was successful in that the style was consistent, the mood was appropriate and the ensemble was apparent.


Art and Design | Arts and Humanities | Fiber, Textile, and Weaving Arts | Illustration | Performance Studies | Theatre and Performance Studies