Edith Walker

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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Mary Clarke, Hugh Agee, Will Fridy

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Department of English

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Master of Arts


This study attempts to complement earlier studies of Still’s literary art such as that of Dean Cadle and Katherine Craf by pointing out the integral use of folk elements in his fiction. The methodology combined field studies with investigation of the works of folklorists and historians and novelists whose writings center around the same general region as do those of Still

For the purposes of this study “folk elements” will denote the orally transmitted traditions of the common people of a particular region. In this case, the “folk” are a rural people who have remained relatively stable for several generations and thereby have preserved traditions likely to disappear or modify in an urban society. These traditions include material culture with its associated arts and skills, customs, folklore and speech.


Anthropology | English Language and Literature | Folklore | Literature in English, North America | Literature in English, North America, Ethnic and Cultural Minority | Social and Behavioral Sciences