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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Judy Ecker

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Department of Communication

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Master of Arts


The purpose of this study is three-fold, and it is predicated on these assumptions. First, on the basis of the information obtained, the methods of disseminating news of student accomplishments on campus can be improved. Secondly, by knowing the form and content desired by the various papers, a college can provide more of the type of news which will be printed, therefore bringing recognition to deserving students in all areas of campus endeavor. Thirdly, by recognizing achievements of individual students, the College, indirectly, will benefit from the publicity.

It is within the framework of these formal purposes that this project actually began. However, much of the forethought was a result of discussions with Robert G. Cochran, director of Public Relations at Western Kentucky State College; with Mrs. Judy Ecker, advisor of the College Heights Herald; and with area newspapermen and fellow college journalists associated with public relations programs throughout the state.

In order to validate these assumptions, it will be necessary to explore previous scholarship in public relations, educational publicity and the form, content and distribution of news releases. Methods of mass communications research will also have to be studied to determine the best method of approach for this study.

A study of the scholarship in the above-mentioned areas indicated that the most feasible way to collect data for the study would be by means of a mail questionnaire. The questionnaire method was selected because of the distance between and among the various newspapers selected for the study.

After the questionnaire had been returned, it was again necessary to study methods of journalism research in order to evaluate the material which had bene obtained.

Since the practice of sending individual releases from this institution is relatively new, no previous evaluation of its effectiveness has been made. If a similar study has been made concerning news release practices at any other institution, no mention of it has been found among the scholarship.


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