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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Vernon Sheeley, Faye Robinson, Carl Kreisler

Degree Program

Educational Leadership

Degree Type

Specialist in Education


This study was concerned with locating areas of differences in residents' perceptions of the role of the director --either a young professional or a "dorm mother" type--in their own residence halls on the 'estern Kentucky University campus. The perceptions were obtained through the use of a twenty-one item instrument (developed by the researcher) to which 1,111 students responded. The data were tabulated by sex, by residence nails, by halls with young professional directors, by halls with older "dorm mother" directors, and by a total overall. Slight differences were found between male and female students and between the various groups. However, the two sexes did differ in their perceptions of the role of the university residence hall director. Recommendations were made and also implications for additional research were identified as a result of this study.


Education | Higher Education Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology | Student Counseling and Personnel Services