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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

John Shirley, Gordon Jones, Elmer Gray

Degree Program

Department of Agriculture

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Master of Science


The study was conducted using nine Holstein heifers with weights ranging from 700 to 990 pounds (lb). The design was a 3 X 3 Latin Square. The three rations consisted of 26.5 lb of corn silage supplemented with 3 ounces of sodium bicarbonate, 26.5 lb of corn silage, and 26.5 lb of soybean and milo haylage per head per day. The rations were offered on a rotational basis for three experimental periods consisting of three weeks each. Blood samples were taken at weekly intervals during each period; plasma concentrations of glucose, ammonia, beta-hydroxybutyrate and volatile fatty acids were determined.

There was no significant dietary effect on the mean group concentrations of the measured blood parameters. Also, there was no dietary effect on the performance of the animals.

The correlations relative to diets showed some variations. The correlations varied in value and relationship.

Mean values observed for some of the blood parameters measured indicated that the animals received adequate nutrients.


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