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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Robert Prickett, Eileen Williams, D. Wallman

Degree Program

Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research

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Education Specialist


In the 1990-91 school year. Kentucky's public schools received a mandate to begin a preschool program to aid children who were at risk of school failure. Children to be served were three-and four-year-olds qualifying for free lunch or having handicaps.

This study is an evaluation of the preschool program in Hart County Kentucky. Two concerns were identified. These concerns were: (1) identifying teacher and parental perceptions of the program and (2) measuring student academic gains. The results of the evaluation indicate that teachers and parents have a positive attitude about the preschool program. Students participating in the program showed greater achievement gains when compared to a control group of students who did not participate in the program.


Curriculum and Instruction | Disability and Equity in Education | Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development