Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Emmett Burkeen, Stephen Schnacke, Delbert Hayden

Degree Program

Department of Counseling and Student Affairs

Degree Type

Educational Specialist


This project is a study of the relationships of weather variables and non-productive classroom behaviors. Four observers recorded behaviors of over one hundred elementary students for a period of fifty days.

The weather variables used in this study may be divided into two major categories; visible and invisible atmospheric conditions. Visible atmospheric conditions included classifying the atmosphere as sunny, fair, cloudy, stormy, rainy, and phases of the moon. Invisible conditions recorded were temperature and barometric pressure.

The non-productive behavior variables included were aggression, arguing, attitude, annoying, bathroom abuse, cheating, destructive, clowning, disobedient, disruptive, ill-mannered, inattentive, lying, name calling, playing, rule breaking, vulgar language, and wasting time. Other variables considered were absenteeism and days of the week.

Several significant relationships existed, but only one null hypothesis was rejected. There was a moderately predictive relationship between absenteeism and temperature. Recommendations were made which may assist other investigators of weather and behavior relationships.


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