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James Parks

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Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Master of Science


Ionization measurements as a function of concentration and pressure have been made in nitrogen and nitrogen-sulfur hexafluoride gas mixtures containing either cyclopropane, ethylene, propylene, acetylene, ethane, or impurity. These studies have been made to understanding of the gas kinetics involved propane as contribute in nitrogen an to the and nitrogen-sulfur hexafluoride laser systems. Impurity gases were chosen on the basis of their ionization potentials relative to the C3πu state in nitrogen that is responsible for the lasing action. Analysis of the data indicated that a Jesse effect exists for those impurity gases whose ionization potentials lie below the C3πu state of nitrogen and that the effect is enhanced by the addition of SF6. The ionization was found to be dependent on pressure for mixtures containing SF6.


Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics

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