Publication Date

Spring 2018

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. Frederick Grieve (Director), Dr. Mark Schafer, Dr. Ryan Farmer

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


The purpose of this study is to determine whether viewing photos of muscular men or viewing photos of toned men produces greater body dissatisfaction scores for male college students. Prior to receiving the intervention, participants completed a pretest measuring their body satisfaction. The intervention was administered in a group setting and took approximately 30 minutes to administer. After receiving the intervention, participants completed the same assessment measures as the pre-test, but in a post-test form. Results indicate that there was a significant difference between pre-test and posttest body satisfaction ratings for men who viewed muscle photos and mend who viewed toned photos. This study contributes to a growing area of body image and Body Dysmorphic Disorder research in men. It also provides evidence for the benefits of addressing body satisfaction during the treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.


Clinical Psychology