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Ray Mendel, Sam McFarland, Carl Martray

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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


Four versions of the structure rule and two levels of training were investigated in an attempt to eliminate structure rule coding errors in Vroom and Yetton's (1973) Normative model of leadership. One hundred and sixty volunteer general psychology students received either thirty or ninety minutes of training on the Normative model and then responded to fifteen hypothetical situational problems. A 2 X 4 analysis of variance failed to reveal any significant effects. Neither the training nor structure rule effect was found to be significant. There was also no interaction between training and structure rule. Therefore, the various formats of the structure rule were not effective in eliminating the incorrect coding of the rule and training did not improve subjects' coding accuracy. These findings are inconsistent with previous research. Several differences between the present study and previous research which may account for these inconsistent findings are mentioned, e.g., subjects, trainers, and training strategies. A number of implications for future research are also indicated, e.g., massed versus spaced and whole versus part training, motivation of subjects, and increased training time.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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