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Robert Hoyt, Larry Gleason, Joe Winstead

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Department of Biology

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Master of Science


The ichthyofauna of the Barren River tailwater was studied from October 1979 to August 1980 to determine seasonal occurrences and movement patterns in relation to discharges from Barren River Lake. Thirteen families and 38 species were represented in the 15,408 fish captured. The season in which the greatest number of fish was captured was winter (7,731) with the highest monthly total occurring in February (5,159). These large totals resulted mostly from the presence of small gizzard shad. The greatest number of fish per kilometer of river sampled occurred in spring just below the dam at River Kilometer 127. Of the 15,408 fish captured, 4,505 were tagged. Only 86 recaptures were recorded; thus, no conclusive statement can be made regarding fish movement patterns. The number of fish captured was significantly related to water temperature but not to discharge from the dam. Numbers captured were inversely related to temperature.


Biology | Life Sciences

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