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Department of Psychology

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Educational Specialist


Academic, general, and emotional self-concepts were measured among 140 gifted students at a residential academic summer program. The literature is conflicting concerning the positive (Humes & Campbell, 1980; Kolloff & Moore, 1989) and negative (Olszewski, Kulieke, & Willis, 1987) effects of the participation of gifted students in such programs. Three main hypotheses are posited: First, the academic, general self, and emotional self-concepts of gifted students would increase in the time spent at a summer program. Second, there would be no gender differences found in the areas of academic and general self-concept, but predicted gender differences for emotional self-concept. Third, previous participation in a summer program would result in differences between groups for academic, general, and emotional self-concept. Self-concept was measured using the Self-Description Questionnaire II (Marsh, 1990). Results were analyzed using a series of repeated measures ANOVAs. Application of the results, limitations, and directions for future research are discussed.


Gifted Education