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Eugene Hoffman, Rudolph Prins, Hugh Puckett

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Department of Biology

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Master of Science


In the axopod, the cell appendage of heliozoans, a bundle of microtubules runs the length of the organelle with a lateral pattern depending on the species. In the species under study, Echinosphaerium nucleofilum, these microtubules are arranged in a double spiral pattern. Axopodia can be detached and the purpose of this study was to refine the detachment procedure, work out electron microscopy techniques and scrutinize the detached axopodia for differences from the organelle of a whole organism. Detached axopodia were fixed, embedded, sectioned, observed under the electron microscope and found to be similar in ultrastructure to undetached ones. Thus, mass preparations of the detached organelles are suitable for further investigations into the biochemistry of microtubules.


Biology | Life Sciences

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Biology Commons