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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Stephen Schnacke, Emmett Burkeen, Robert Simpson, Ronald Adams

Degree Program

Department of Counseling and Student Affairs

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Education Specialist


The Jefferson County Readiness Test, a locally developed readiness test, has been in use in the Jefferson County, Kentucky elementary schools for seventeen years. This test had not been standardized and few studies were available to support its use. The JCRT was studied to determine if the test was a valid predictor of readiness and achievement. Phase I of the study was designed to study the JCRT as a predictor of readiness. Beginning first year students in one elementary school were selected and JCRT scores, Metropolitan Readiness Test scores, and teachers' perceptions of readiness were collected for each child. Results of Phase I found the JCRT to be a concurrently valid and internally reliable predictor of readiness. Phase II of the study was designed to determine the value of the JCRT as a predictor of post first grade achievement. Data were collected for third year students in three Jefferson County elementary schools. Data included JCRT scores, Otis Lennon Mental Ability Test scores, Metropolitan Achievement Test scores, and demographic data. Multilinear regression analyses were computed to determine what factors best predicted achievement. Intelligence was found to be the best predictor of both reading and mathematics achievement. The JCRT was not found to be a major predictor of post first grade achievement.


Education | Student Counseling and Personnel Services