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David Shannon, William Traugott, Robert Schrader

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Department of Educational Administration, Leadership and Research

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Education Specialist


Post release follow-up was conducted on a total of 95 Kentucky Correctional Facilities inmates, who had acquired a General Equivalency Certificate in the years 1981-1983.

The rate of Recidivism of this group was compared to that of all parolees released during that period.

It was found that the parolees in general who were released during that time period returned to the institution at a rate of 36.7 percent, The parolees who had completed the GED Program in the institution prior to release returned at a rate of 35.78 percent.

The average length of time spent in society by those who were returned was 14.7 months with the shortest length of time being 5 months and the longest 41 months.

The age of the study participants ranged from 20 years to 37 years with the average age being 24.75 years.

While the number paroled to urban and rural areas was approximately the same (36 urban, 41 rural), the urban returnees showed a rate of 33.3%; those from rural areas returned at a rate of 29.2% to institutions.


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