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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Paul Wozniak, Joan Krenzin, Stephen Groce

Degree Program

Department of Sociology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


Social scientists are using Al (Artificial Intelligence) and Expert Systems in a variety of areas. This thesis explores some applications of "intelligent" programs in the field of sociology. These applications include modeling social networks using logic programming and simulating sociological decision-making using small knowledge-based systems. PROLOG and VP-Expert are used as development tools.

In this thesis, PROLOG was used for modeling triads. In this situation, PROLOG was used to define the "actors," the relations between them, and rules governing the existence of transitive and intransitive triads. Users are able to query the knowledge-base about various aspects of this situation. In addition, VP-Expert was used to construct some small knowledge-based systems. These systems deal with determining whether a triad is transitive or intransitive, classifying adaptation to anomie (normative confusion), determining whether a type I or type II error has been made in the hypothesis testing process, determining a variable's level of measurement, and classifying individuals on the basis of socio-economic status.


Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology

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Sociology Commons