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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


This study examined the characteristics of items using none of the above (NOT A) as an answer option in observation based multiple-choice questions. Previous research has examined only the use of a NOTA option in academic knowledge based testing, not in visual recognition testing. Item difficulty and discrimination were examined for three different item formats: (a) items without a NOTA option, (b) items with NOTA as a distracter, and (c) items with NOTA as the correct answer. The questions were based on two photographs with similar content. A total of 98 participants from a large southeastern university completed a visual recognition test containing all three item types. Results revealed no difference in item discrimination between items without a NOTA option and items with a NOTA option, but did indicate that items with a NOTA option were more difficulty. A discussion of the results, limitations, and suggestions for future research is provided.


Education | Psychology