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Robert Hoyt, Larry Gleason, Joe Winstead

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Department of Biology

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Master of Science


In Rough River Lake, Kentucky, effects of controlled harvest of some biological characteristics of smallmouth buffalo were investigated from December 1979 through July 1980. Spawning activity was monitored from 28 March through 24 July with buffalo larvae occurring for one week. A successful spawn was precluded by non-optimum water levels or other conditions operating in the lake. Commercial harvest was monitored from December 1979 through March 1980, and age and growth features were determined from 783 smallmouth buffalo representing a portion of the 3955 buffalo removed from Rough River Lake in 1979-80. A population estimate of the Rough River Lake smallmouth buffalo was determined from cove rotenone data obtained in June and July 1980 in conjunction with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Average weight and coefficient of condition (K) were similar for specimens harvested in 1978-79 and 1979-80. The most obvious effects of commercial harvest since 1977-78 were the reduction in numbers and biomass of smallmouth buffalo with an increase in individual weight.


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