Publication Date

Summer 2020

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Dr. David J. Bell (Director), Dr. Tom C. Hunley, and Dr. Sandra Hughes

Degree Program

Department of English

Degree Type

Master of Fine Arts


I Love You, Go Away, a novel set in Milwaukee, tells the story of a twenty-two year-old nobody, Gabriel Driscoll, who meets and befriends a middle-aged, drug addicted, recluse actor, Beau Brooks. But less than six months into their friendship Beau commits suicide. At the funeral Gabriel meets a twenty-nine-year-old corporate executive, Michelle, the daughter of Beau’s long-time girlfriend. Gabriel and Michelle bond over their mutual grief and quickly strike up a romance. At the same time, Gabriel’s semi-estranged mother, Sadie, a recovering heroin addict, reaches out to him in an effort to rebuild their relationship. What follows for Gabriel is a tumultuous journey through love and grief as he struggles to find meaning in life’s sufferings


Creative Writing | Fiction | Film and Media Studies | Fine Arts | Literature in English, North America

Available for download on Sunday, June 18, 2023