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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The present researcher focused on how subjects cope with jealousy in 6 different situations. A scale was developed to assess how jealous subjects would be in the 6 situations and how likely they were to use 13 different coping methods. Principal components analysis yielded 3 coping components. The researcher investigated the relationship between personality and coping style, finding that different personality types, using Costa and McCrae's 5-factor model, coped differently with jealousy. The researcher also examined the relationship between gender and coping style. Results suggested that females use coping methods to save the relationship with their partner and males tend to "get back" at their partner or deny/avoid their jealousy. Finally, the relationship between intensity of jealousy and coping method was studied. Results indicated that subjects "get back" at their partners or interfere with the rival relationship when reporting the highest level of jealousy experienced.


Gender and Sexuality | Psychology