Nana Farris

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Camilla Collins, Burt Feintuch, Edward Bohlander


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Department of Modern Languages

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Master of Arts


Audubon Printers Ink., a commercial print shop located in Henderson, Kentucky, began as an auxiliary business to Henderson's daily newspaper. The manager developed the shop from a small part-time operation into a successful, independent company serving Henderson and the surrounding area. Through an ethnographic study of the print shop, I found that the employees develop patterns of behavior both for the performance of their job and for the maintenance of their social group. The employees maintain a variety of traditional activities which constitute their occupational folklore. The folklore of the print shop employees includes traditional patterns of work performance, traditional attitudes about their job, their customers, and their product, special food preparation and sharing, celebration of holidays and birthdays, gift giving, and the maintenance of several types of joking behavior of which the Hoosier-Kentuckian joke cycle is the most prevalent.


Anthropology | Business | Folklore | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social and Cultural Anthropology