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Department of Chemistry

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Master of Science


Chiral sulfoxides are most widely used in asymmetric synthesis. Their application as chiral synthons has now become a well-established and reliable strategy, mainly due to availability and high asymmetric induction exerted by the chiral sulfinyl group. Very few articles have been published on the separation of chiral sulfoxides; most involve HPLC or GC. The first separation of optically active sulfoxides was described by Phillips and co-workers. To date no work has been reported using capillary electrophoresis for the separation of alkylaryl sulfoxides. A series of alkylaryl sulfoxides were synthesized. Conditions for their separation were investigated using a modified 125 mM Boric acid (pH 8.5)/ 75 mM SDS buffer solution (MEKC buffer). Synthetic procedures for the preparation of these sulfoxides will be presented as well as separation results. The separation is based on the differential partition of solutes between the micelle and the bulk solution.



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