Sylvia Ahrens

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Joseph Survant, Elizabeth Oakes, Nancy Roberts


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Department of English

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Master of Arts


The enclosed manuscript of poetry represents a brief sketch of the author’s life. The three sections deal with memories of childhood, reactions to domesticity, and reflections on the wider world. This progression advances a woman’s point of view, but does not restrict itself solely to the female experience.

While a myriad of writers from the absurd to the delicate influenced my words and ways during my life, the final embodiment contains my own poetic aura. It holds both joy and despair and most emotions within their range. Whether watching a monkey eat my mother’s dress, canning tomatoes, or protesting an imprisoned writer’s condition, I have tried to stay true to the event and emotion.

This collection of poems is satisfying to me on many levels, both personal and professional. I hope that you as reader find some pleasure as well.


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