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Department of Psychology

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Education Specialist


A survey was conducted to examine current training practices of NASP accredited specialist programs. Information was gathered through a mailed survey to NASP accredited school psychology Ed.S. training programs across the United States. Of the 97 training programs to whom surveys were sent, 56 surveys were returned and 51 were considered usable (53% return rate). The survey respondents were divided into groups according to self-reported program emphasis. Thirty-one programs reported emphasizing traditional assessment (Traditional Programs), while 20 programs reported other areas of emphasis (Other Programs). An independent t-test indicated that Traditional Programs offer significantly higher amounts of training in traditional assessment than Other Programs. A Chi-square analysis revealed that approximately half of the Traditional Programs have not changed training in assessment; however, the remaining Traditional Programs showed shifts by an equal number of them increasing and decreasing the amount of training in assessment as compared to 5 years ago. Several differences in level of preparation of program graduates were indicated by a descriptive discriminant analysis. These differences are consistent with program emphasis.


Education | Psychology | Teacher Education and Professional Development