Douglas Young

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Department of English

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Master of Arts


Love on Earth is a collection of short fiction written over a period of two years, an exploration of romantic relationships, liaisons, and sexuality. The author’s purpose in assembling this work is to demonstrate how fiction can express the great diversity of a given topic.

Fiction allows for vivid and at times blatant expressions that would not find acceptance in an academic paper. Nakedness, for example, is explored in depth, but as more than a physical state; nakedness is the condition under which human beings find themselves most vulnerable, both physically and psychologically. The characters tend to reveal the most about themselves when they are naked.

Other common threads run through the collection. First, love takes a variety of forms, but is most commonly based, when one gets to its core, on physical attraction. Second, attitudes about love are as varied as the people who love. And these attitudes are infrequently expressed honestly and fully. Third, love is fleeting, rarely secure-promises are apt to last only as long as the circumstances under which they are made

An introduction is followed by a brief synopsis of each of the eleven stories, including a few words about both their intended impact and their creation.


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