Publication Date

Fall 2021

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Fatemeh Orooji (Director), Brent Askins, Asghar Rezasoltani

Degree Program

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Degree Type

Master of Science


This qualitative study focused on answering three core questions: How have facilities reduce pollutions in regards to the quality of air, water, land, light and noise? Which Types of pollution reduction projects are more or less successful to implement? What types of pollution are facilities focusing on and why? The results of the 15 companies surveyed show a variety of projects that facilities have used to reduce pollution, it also shows that cost is a major factor in the unsuccessful projects, and that facilities are actively focused on reducing Air, Land, and Water pollution. While the data shows a variety of projects that companies focused on it shows that cost plays a major factor in determining if a project succeeds, it also shows that some pollutions such as light may not be fully understood. The study was successful at creating a list of roughly 50 ways that various companies have targeted pollution reduction.


Environmental Engineering | Industrial Engineering | Manufacturing | Sustainability