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Department of Chemistry

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Master of Science


Praseodymium(III) NMR shift reagent, which is an upfield shift reagent, is focused on for assessment of enantiomeric excess and resolution of methyl sulfonium ions. A series of alkylmethylphenylsulfonium ions were analyzed, where alkyl is ethyl (I), butyl(H), octyl (III), and benzyl(IY). The praseodymium agent gives base-lined resolution of the ortho hydrogens resonance for I and IH. All spectra are strongly temperature-dependent. I is shifted more than ED, consistent with a steric effect. Assignments for I were made by gradually increasing the concentration of the shift reagent and by analyzing R-enriched I. Racemization of R-enriched isomer of I by pyramidal inversion was observed at 50 °C.



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Chemistry Commons