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Department of English

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Master of Arts in English


The following is a novella that depicts a young man and woman in search of differing goals, but the essence of their goals does have something in common: each of their pursuits, if obtained, allows for self-control and recovered lifestyle. However, their lives are far from average throughout the story. Themes such as bulimia, drug use, loveless sex, voyeurism, lucid dreaming and emergency room healthcare are explored in the form of fiction. Both of the main characters in this story explore their world with a measure of obsession, and like any worthy character, their obsessions transform into decisions and actions that highlight aspects of society and psychology; in this case it is American college culture and youthful minds. It is up to the reader to become an explorer also. S/he may turn the pages with an objective mind, or with a sympathetic one. Either will be presented with the same questions: questions concerning self-image, companionship, healthcare socioeconomics, and deviant behavior.


English Language and Literature