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Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Sarah Bonis, Carl Myers, Shawna Gilbert

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

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Specialist Project


The Black Lives Matter movement has been an increasing movement since the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012. Over the next decade there has been an increase in the movement due to Black lives continuing to be lost at the hands of police. School psychologists play a key role in supporting the mental health of students within schools. It is essential that research discuss how to best support students who have been affected by this movement as children have witnessed, so much on television and social media over the years. The current review explores whether these sociopolitical issues have also shown up within our field, as represented by peer-reviewed literature. Seven school psychology journals were searched to examine the data in relation to the number of articles as well as the topics. Results found that there are limited articles related to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the roles of school resource officers in schools. Most articles found through this search are related to mental health of students. Limitations and future directions are discussed.


Arts and Humanities | Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences