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Department of Agriculture

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Master of Science


Three hundred and nineteen sows were utilized to study the effects of pregnant mare serum and P.G 600 on reproductive efficiency. Sows were randomly allotted to treatments. Sows were evaluated for age (# of parities), breed composition and body condition score. Three sows who shared all three fields in common were randomly treated with one of three treatments the morning after weaning: 1. (S) Controls: 5ml of Sterile Saline Solution 0.9% 2. (M) Treatment (PMSG): 12ml of Pregnant Mare Serum 3. (P) Treatment (PG600)® 5ml of P.G. 600 (Intervet America Inc., Millsboro, DE) No differences were observed for total number of pigs born among treatments (P>.05). Neither parity, body condition or breed composition had a significant influence on total number born. However, treatments of pregnant mare serum and P.G. 600 to controls resulted in significantly shorter wean to estrus intervals (P<.0002 vs. P<.0001) than sows in the control group respectively) from weaning to estrus. Additionally, P.G. 600 treated sows had shorter weaning to estrus intervals than PMSG treated sows (P<.0802).


Agriculture | Animal Sciences