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Department of Agriculture

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Master of Science


During the Spring and Fall of 2006, a study was conducted at the Agricultural Research and Education Complex of Western Kentucky University to monitor the effects of poultry litter application on soil bulk density. A randomized split block design was used for this study. The soil was a Crider silt loam (Typic Paleudalf). Poultry litter treatments were compared with inorganic fertilizers. The same basic fertility treatments were applied in this study from 2001-2006. Those treatments consisted of poultry litter applied at the nitrogen rate (NPL), poultry litter applied at the phosphorus rate only (PPL), poultry litter applied at the phosphorus rate with supplemental inorganic nitrogen (NPPL), and inorganic fertilizer (I). Two soil cores, to a depth of 10 cm were collected from each plot March 22, June 14 and October 30, 2006. Average bulk density for each plot was determined by the two cores being weighed and divided by volume for each sampling date and then averaged. Statistical analysis from this study indicated that there were no differences, based on fertility treatment, within each sampling date. However, there was a statistical difference between sampling dates, with October being higher than March and June. This difference may have been due to soil compaction caused by litter and fertilizer application equipment.



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