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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts in Psychology


Workplace incivility is defined as rude and discourteous behavior that takes place in a work setting. Research shows that this type of behavior can negatively affect the well-being of employees who are the targets. However, the impact of workplace incivility may differ from person to person. One variable that may play a role in how workplace incivility affects an individual is U.S. region and whether or not they are located in a culture of honor. In cultures of honor, such as the Southern U.S. region, individuals are theorized to be especially sensitive to insults or challenges to their reputation. Using archival data from a national sample of law school faculty members (N = 1,300), this study examined the effect of workplace incivility on employees who are located in the Southern U.S. compared to employees located in the Northern U.S.. Findings showed that workplace incivility caused northern (non-culture of honor) law school faculty members to experience higher feelings of turnover intentions, occupational stress, and job burnout then southern (culture of honor) law school faculty members.


Industrial and Organizational Psychology