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Department of Psychology

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Education Specialist


Risk and protective factors for juvenile delinquency are identified and addressed at national and local levels. A need for an information, referral, and volunteer center to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors in youth was identified in Warren County. The ALIVE Center (A Local Information and Volunteer Exchange) was founded to address this need. Qualitative research of services and programs offered by information, referral, and volunteer centers and a survey to specific local agencies as regards their use of the ALIVE Center was conducted to guide the development of services at the ALIVE Center. Information, resource, and referral centers across the nation were researched to determine the scope of programs and services offered. A 19-question survey was developed to assess the current status and use of the ALIVE Center and administered to center coordinators at Kentucky Family Resource and Youth Services Centers affiliated with Warren County and Bowling Green City Schools. Qualitative research from the information, resource, and referral centers yielded contact information, program descriptions, website information, and brochures of 39 centers. This research was used during the formative stage of the center and generated ideas for the center's website and guided youth program development. The results of the survey indicated that the ALIVE Center was extremely familiar to center coordinators at Family Resource and Youth Service Centers and regarded as extremely effective in providing services.


Education | Psychology