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Department of English

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Master of Arts


One of my favorite movie characters said he'd worn lots of shoes, meaning he'd been a great many places and done a great many things. Well, I've never been to war or run across America or founded a shrimp company or shook the President's hand or returned kickoffs for the University of Alabama. But I did grow up in a church, come of age, and stay there, which is perhaps as interesting. I am now a husband, worship leader, singer-songwriter, and college writing instructor, struggling to capture fragments of who I was before I was any of these things, and hoping to shed some light on how I came to be who I am today. If you need the entirety of the story, read no further. But if a few scenes will do for now, in a brief Master's Thesis, then by all means... Faith, doubt, commitment—I have cupped my hand, dipped, tasted. I have been immersed in such waters.


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature