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Department of Communication

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Master of Arts


The questions of parents are never fully answered due to the plethora of factors involved in raising children. However, a different angle of research has uncovered some new techniques that provide renewed hope for the longevity of parental impact. Many people understand that parents—and people in general—use and are daily impacted by persuasion. This research shows that if parents can more completely understand positive persuasive tactics, their values can potentially follow children from the bubble of the home to their adulthood. An important component of this parental persuasion is the use of inoculation techniques to help children not only live by but also understand and Appreciate the moral code given to them by their parents. The qualitative interview process for this unique research project produced results that verified the need for further study on the use of persuasion and inoculation in parenting situations. It also unearthed some surprising results regarding the understanding of the parental persuasive influence from the parent and student perspective. Although only a beginning to the research needing to be done on the subject, this thesis sheds light on the validity and importance of understanding inoculation in the context of parenting.


Communication | Psychology