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Education Specialist


Among the multiple roles of a school psychologist is consultation. The Mental Health, Organizational, and Behavioral models of consultation are reported in publications by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) to be the prominent models in the field of school psychology. However, no supporting data are cited; thus it is unclear whether these three consultation models are the most prominent in school psychology today. The current study evaluated the consultation literature over the past twenty-two years in the professional journal School Psychology Review. Consultation articles were analyzed to obtain information regarding the frequency of consultation articles published, the most frequent types of consultation mentioned, topics addressed, and the type of research conducted. Data collected found a minimal decrease in the amount of consultation articles published over the past twenty-two years. A wide array of terminology was found in referring to types of consultation. Behavioral consultation was found to be the most frequently researched and mentioned model. The Mental Health consultation model was fairly prominent but the Organization model was rarely presented. Numerous other consultation models were reported in the literature.


Education | Psychology