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Department of Psychology

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Education Specialist


Consultation has long been noted in the literature as a preferred role of school psychologists (Curtis & Zins, 1980; Gutkin & Curtis, 1982). Yet, few studies have examined University training practices in the area of consultation. This study, in part, replicated a study conducted by Meyers, Wurtz, and Flanagan (1981) that examined training practices 20 years ago. Currently, Program Directors from school psychology training programs in the United States were asked to describe how their training program addressed consultation. The number of courses offered in consultation, the methods used to teach consultation, and the models of consultation taught to school psychology graduate students were assessed. The results of this study indicated that there has been an increase in consultation training practices among training programs in the United States. It was also found that of the three main models of consultation present 20 years ago (i.e., Mental Health, Behavioral, and Organizational), the Behavioral model is dominant today. A number of suggestions for further evaluating the consultation training issue were made.


Education | Psychology