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Department of Chemistry

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Master of Science


Combining an intense emission source and a high-speed sputtering source in one, glow discharge atomic emission spectrometer (GD-AES) provides an efficient technique for analyzing surfaces, coatings and bulk solids. The purpose of our work is to explore the optimum lamp operation parameters of SA-2000 for analysis of galvanized steel plate and to investigate the method for qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing the zinc coating. Under the optimum experimental conditions found in our study, which are current of 19-21 mA; voltage of 900-1200 V; pressure 2.0-2.5 torr, the calibration curve is constructed, so that specific zinc concentration can be assign to the exact depth position in the sample. Several galvanized steel plate samples are tested and the thickness of coating and distribution of zinc in different depth of the coating are calculated on the basis of calibration curve. The above results are further analyzed to prove the reproducibility of the proposed method.



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