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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


In this study we examine the ability of the scales of the College Student Inventory (CSI) to predict attrition at a single institution. We also develop a locally-specific dropout proneness model with which to compare the nationally-developed model of the CSI. Attention is given to the incremental validity of both of these models over high school grade point average and ACT composite scores. Dropout Proneness National, although statistically significantly related to attrition, was lacking in practical significance, especially when considering its incremental predictive value over high school grade point average and ACT composite score. Dropout Proneness Local was found to be both statistically significant and practically significant, even after taking into account high school grade point average and ACT composite. Based on the sample, a model containing high school grade point average, ACT composite, and Dropout Proneness Local is the most useful in predicting first-year attrition.


Education | Psychology