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Department of Public Health

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Master of Science


The purpose of this study was to address any changes in select organizational and director or CEO attributes between 1989 and 1994, as well as, to determine whether or not college student health services are systematically evaluating their programs and incorporating efficiency measures used in other health care settings. The population of study was student health services at four-year institutions of post-secondary education in the United States. This researcher resurveyed the sample used by Kevin E. Charles in 1989 in order to allow the evaluation of temporal trends. The sample was a stratified, random sample of 400 institutions. Data were collected via a mail survey. A questionnaire was mailed to student health service directors. The findings of this study revealed that significant changes have occurred in the organizational and leadership characteristics of Student Health Services. However, they do not appear to be restructuring or adapting quality/efficiency enhancements as rapidly as the health care industry.


Education | Public Health