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Department of Psychology

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Education Specialist


The present researcher examined the relationship of SES and parent agreement on ratings of temperament and behavior. Specifically, mother and father ratings were obtained on the Temperament Assessment Battery for Children-Revised (TAB-R) and Conners Parent Rating Scale-48 (CPRS-48) for a sample of 64 preschool children within low, middle, and high SES groups. Internal consistencies were established to be .70 or above on the majority of scales on the TAB-R and CPRS-48. The majority of correlations for mother and father ratings were moderate to high on scales of the TAB-R and CPRS-48, with each scale demonstrating significant, moderate correlations for the total group. The results of 2 x 3 ANOVAs (rater x SES) yielded only two significant main effects for rater, both of which indicated that fathers gave significantly higher ratings than mothers on the scale of Negative Emotionality (TAB-R), and Conduct Problem (CPRS-48). Results of the present study suggest that gender of the rater may have a greater impact on parent agreement than SES. These findings provide support for previous studies that resulted in few, if any, significant findings on the effect of SES on parent agreement on temperament and behavior ratings. Limitations of the present study were discussed, as well as recommendations for future studies.


Education | Psychology