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Department of Psychology

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Education Specialist


In the present case study, shaping/desensitization procedures, along with behavioral contracts, were implemented through a consultation model in an attempt to treat a seven year-old elective mute female within the school setting. The author (consultant) provided information to the subject's teacher (consultee) in order to treat the subject's elective mutism. The procedure consisted of trials using a sound-level meter to successively approximate the desired behavior of speaking at school. The goal was for the subject to respond verbally to questions and requests invoked by her teachers and peers within the school setting and to improve her social interactions. The results indicated that, although the subject did not initiate verbalizations at school, she did begin to interact, both socially and verbally, with her peers outside of school. Several issues are examined in an attempt to explain possible reasons for the subject's failure to speak at school. Recommendations are also made for future studies.


Education | Psychology