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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


Samples from three populations, Alcoholics Anonymous members, inpatient alcoholics and non-alcoholics, were compared for the level of manifestation of the need for socialized power and personalized power. The comparison of these groups on a Q sort technique developed for this study indicated that the sample of Alcoholics Anonymous members was significantly higher in the need for socialized power than either the sample of inpatient alcoholics or the sample of non-alcoholics. The level of socialized power concern of the inpatient alcoholic group did not differ significantly from that of the non-alcoholic group. The inpatient alcoholic group was found to be significantly higher in the need for personalized power than either the Alcoholics Anonymous sample or the non-alcoholic sample. The non-alcoholic group and the Alcoholics Anonymous group did not show a significant difference in the level of personalized power concern. The Alcoholics Anonymous group showed a significantly greater concern for socialized power over personalized power, as did the non-alcoholic sample. No significant difference between personalized power concerns and socialized power concerns was found for the inpatient alcoholic group.


Psychology | Substance Abuse and Addiction