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School of Teacher Education

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Master of Arts


Researoh in commercial education is a recognized need. The business demands of today are not the same as those of yesterday. The sooial demands for efficient cooperative action forces upon us of the teacher group the responsibility of improved methods of application in our teaching procedure, which in turn commands research in teaching results, measurements in teohnical application, and status studies to determine general and particular needs. This study is not a complete survey of all commercial education institutions in the state but an approved, fair, sample study of the present status of commercial education in the public secondary schools. It would have been impossible for the writer to have completed such study without the examination of reference material and a review of similar studies in other states, which are described in Chapter I. Since the data had to be obtained by questionnaire method, it would have been impossible to have made this research without the kind assistance of hundreds of coeducators throughout the state. To these assistants the writer is grateful. The names of all persons cooperating in this research cannot be given here, therefore it is the desire of the writer to mention none but to express to all, individually and en masse, a sincere appreciation. The writer admits no intention of an exhaustive survey but recommends in Chapter VI needed research and the various types most needed.


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