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"A New History of the Spanish-American War Including the Past History and Future Destiny of Our New Possessions" (Philadelphia, Pa.: American Book & Bible House, 1899)by Alden March. Chapter titles include: The Philippines--Past and Present, Behind Admiral Dewey's Guns, The Second Battle of Manila, The Trouble with General Aguinaldo, The Men Who Won Fame in Battle, A Past History Written in Blood, Filipinos' Struggle for Freedom, The Great Value of the Philippines, The People of the Island, Fascinations and Terrors of a New Land, Manila, the Metropolis of the Philippines, Other important Cities of the Islands, The Future of the Islands, The Ladrone Islands, The Hawaiian Islands, "the Paradise of the Pacific," Cuba, "the Child of Our Adoption," Possibilities of the Island, The Explosion of the Maine, and War, The Campaign in Cuba, The Invasion of Cuba by the Army, The Surrender of Santiago, The Campaign in Porto Rico, Porto Rico--Past, Present, Future, The Heroes of 1898 and 1899, and The Closing Events of the Philippine War. This item is available in Library Special Collections at Western Kentucky University; 270-745-6434;


Spanish-American War, Alden March


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