The first known WKU beauty queen was crowned in 1934 Mary Walton was chosen as the Mountain Laurel Queen. Since that time there have been a number of beauty competitions on campus, most notably the homecoming queen, Talisman queen and Miss Black Western. A few women have been so popular that they were selected for multiple titles:

  • Teddy Lou Johnson of London named Military Queen in 1948 & the first Homecoming Queen in 1949
  • Jean Amos of Cave City, named Homecoming Queen & Military Queen in 1960
  • Phyllis Robinson of Hazard named Homecoming Queen & Basketball Queen in 1957 and then Talisman Queen in 1959
  • Pat Norman of Glasgow named Homecoming Queen & Military Queen in 1963
  • Dianne Robinson of Hazard named Homecoming Queen 1960 & Talisman Queen in 1962
  • Pat Hunt of Bowling Green named Military Queen 1966 & Homecoming Queen 1967
The queen of all WKU's beauty queens is Alice Chumbley of Jamestown who has five crowns:

  • Basketball Queen 1958
  • Homecoming Queen 1959
  • Mountain Laurel Queen 1959
  • Miss Kentucky 1960
  • Talisman Queen 1961
There have also been kings crowned on campus such as the Talisman King, Athenian King and the Coming Home Kings. Here you will find more information on WKU royalty.

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