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Other Names - Library
Date Built - 1927
Dedication - May 13, 1969
Cost of Construction - $200,000
Architects - Brinton Davis

Alexander Gordon Wilson, Sr. (1888-1970) was born in Calloway County, Kentucky. At 18, he enrolled at Clinton College in Clinton, Kentucky and after graduating he began teaching. In 1908, after being "dissatisfied with his limited training," he came to Bowling Green and enrolled in the Western Kentucky State Normal School. In 1912, he was asked to teach a few classes in English and Latin remaining until 1959. Wilson received his A.B. in 1919 from Indiana University, his M.A. in 1924 and his Ph.D. in 1930. He was a well-known folklorist and an English professor. In 1928 he became head for the English Department and remained there for 31 years until his retirement in 1959. Also in 1959, the "Gordon Wilson English Award" was established.

Gordon Wilson Hall originally served as the university's library until 1965 when Margie Helm library was opened. The building's ten columns are taken from classic Greek architecture. The outside of the three-story building is constructed of Warren County white stone. The building has housed the Department of Journalism, and the Department of Theatre and Dance. The building was dedicated on May 13, 1969.

For information on University Libraries see also: Recitation Hall, Cedar House, Kentucky Building, Margie Helm Library and Cravens Graduate Center & Library.

1929 - fountain added, designed by Henry Wright, portions donated by Perry Snell

1967 - air conditioning installed, study rooms, classrooms, offices, auditorium and stage added after library moved

1968 - general renovations

1970's - rear steel and glass stairway added

1997 - $10,000 for painting lobby

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