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Built - 1927
Dedicated - October 8, 1927
Cost of Construction - $50,000
Architect - Brinton Davis

Namesake - The Stadium was never named for anyone.

History - On April 2, 1926 the Board of Regents appropriated $16,500 to build an athletic field. At their June meeting the Regents agreed to pay $400 William Blewitt $400 for one acre to use as fill dirt and landscaping on the athletic field. The Stadium replaced a limestone quarry on the northeast side of campus and seated 7,500. Lights were installed in 1946, and metal bleachers replaced wooden bleachers in 1963. Although the athletic field has been replaced by the Ivan Wilson Fine Arts center, the stadium seats continue to serve as an amphitheater.


1946 - lights $15,000, seven 80 foot towers each with eighteen 1500 watt lights

1970 - fenced, gravel walkway repaired, signage, seeding

1998 - pressure washed and sealed, removal of wooden seats $30,000

2007 - $225,000 restoration of interior brick and exterior limestone

Park City Daily News:

Hilltoppers are Winners Over 11 of Transylvania, Oct. 17, 1927

Hunter, Wales. Clean Sweep, photo, Apr. 29, 1998

The Way it Was, Feb. 24, 1980

Western Dedicates Her New Stadium with Win by 61 to 0 Over Bethel, Oct. 10, 1927

Western Teachers and Bethel College Grid Teams are Opponents, Oct. 6, 1927


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